// Let me tell you what it's like to love a selfish person. From the moment he walks into your life, he has no intention of sticking around, even though he tells you otherwise. You are the type of girl he doesn't want to miss out on because you're just "his type." You are too much … Continue reading Selfish


Don’t Give Up

// You can't give up. Why? Because bad things happen to good people. People leave. People get lost and can't find their way home. People will put you down and make you feel worthless. You will have bad days that make you feel as though it's impossible to make it another hour. You will get … Continue reading Don’t Give Up

I Do

// At ten-years-old, I could tell you every aspect of my wedding day.  I had the dress in my mom's closet, the color scheme picked out and the song my dad and I were going to dance to for our father-daughter dance already on my iPod. Now, all I needed was the hardest part to find... the guy. Being … Continue reading I Do